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NEO Planting

Church Planting to Reach the Heart of Cleveland

Harvest is pleased to welcome Bill and Patty Powis back to the Metro Cleveland area.   Bill and Patty have been assessed and approved by Mission to North America PCA to plant churches.  Harvest will be their Session of Oversight.

Since Bill and Patty are natives of the Cleveland area, they are excited to share the Good News of the renewing and live-giving grace of Jesus.  Click Here to download more information about their work.

Visit Bill and Patty at their website:  www.tpcle.org

Why Cleveland?

Cleveland has a painful and disappointing past.  Today, there is a new excitement and a new hope for Cleveland!  Jesus Christ came to heal mistakes… even mistakes by the lake!

Clevelanders are a tough, hardworking people.  They love their city. We will love them.  Bill and Patty grew up just 50 miles from Cleveland.  Their mission is to lead Clevelanders into growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Through networking, evangelism and relationship building, we will see Clevelanders embrace the Prince of Hope and King of Kings, Jesus Christ.

Our Vision


The most effective method of impacting the 2 million people of Cleveland is through planting new churches to reach the unchurched.
Our vision is to create churches that un-churched men, women and children of Cleveland love to attend.

Imagine kids, teens, singles, empty nesters and young marrieds at a turning point in their lives discovering a church they can’t wait to attend.
The Cross of Christ will remain central to our work.
Yet we will seek to build churches that remove other needless barriers by…

  • Loving God passionately
  • Serving others sacrificially
  • Living in the culture productively

Meet Mark and Marci Robertson

Mark is the Assistant Pastor for Church Planting at Harvest PCA,
and will be planting a church in Shaker Heights/Cleveland Heights.
Mark and Marci are living in the Shaker Heights area.

For more information, to contact and/or support the Robertsons, see their
Blog and Web site: www.heightspres.org

Meet Bill and Patty Powis (raising support for church plant in Center City/Ohio City)

 Natives of  the Cleveland area, Bill and Patty are experienced church-planters who are excited to
share the Good News of the renewing and live-giving grace of Jesus.

Click Here to download more information about their work.

Year One: 2015
Bill and Patty will move to Cleveland and begin networking, relationship building & personal evangelism

Year Two: 2016
Bill and Patty will form their Core Group and begin training their launch team in preparation for Weekend Services

Year Three: 2017
Multiply Community groups around the city.  1st church planting intern arrives

For more information, to contact and/or support the Powis’,
see their website: http://william-powis.strikingly.com/#summary
Support Bill and Patty/MNA link- https://www.egsnetwork.com/gift2?giftid=C428AA6A1E674CA

And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. Mark 16:15